Legal Transcription

Legal transcription is a highly specialized domain where even a slight change in language or words can completely alter the significance of the text. A missed word or misinterpreted sentence can win or lose cases. To transcribe legal documents accurately, a thorough understanding of legal terminology is required. Our experience and exposure in providing attention to minute details in legal transcriptions is of paramount importance, because audios pertaining to matters related to court are highly sensitive.

To ensure that your legal transcriptions meet the highest standards in the industry, Genesis Transcriptions Pvt. Ltd, tests each one with our four step quality assurance process. Due to the talent of our pool of transcriptionists, corrections are rare. Still, each transcription is re-verified, proofread, reviewed, and corrected if necessary.

Our highly competitive price structure ensures you the most economical legal transcription maintaining highest quality standards.

Transcribers with an focussed writing techniques

  • Well versed knowledge with our compact transcription software.
  • Typing skills with accurate keyboarding skills.
  • Understanding of all the latest and updated legal terminology.
  • Control over the English language.
  • Proofreading proficiencies.
  • Trained staff and thorough recruitment process.